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Chinook Blinds & Interiors


Here's what our past customers had to say about their window covering and customer service from Chinook Blinds.

Courteous customer service.

Exceptional quality and value!! 

Tatiana Garcia

I have moved, yet again! We bought new, which is exciting since it's a blank slate but overwhelming because we have to do everything… and I mean EVERYTHING! Aside from having to get new decor for a whole level of a house, we needed simple things like blinds! Do you know how many window covering retail stores are in and around Calgary? LOTS! After searching around I had come across one company that caught my eye, Chinook Blinds. With them being located in Airdrie, we were unsure if they would come all the way to the SE of Calgary. We decided to give them a call and thankfully they had no problems coming out.

They came over quickly to give a free in home consultation. They took measurements and brought along tons of samples to show us. They were very knowledgeable about their products and knew what we wanted, better than we did! When it came to making a decision, we did contemplate a few companies but ultimately decided on Chinook Blinds.

What made us choose them? The price was comparable to others BUT you can see the pride they take in their company. It's not just a business, they make it personal. You can tell from first impressions that the company is family owned and operated. Since we prefer to support local businesses, that made the decision a little easier.

To give us the final quote, they came over to our house to speak to us one on one and explained the pricing. They asked if there was anything we wanted to change and gave us other options we originally didn't even think of. It makes you feel as if you are valued as a customer. When you are making such a huge purchase, the personal connection has a huge impact.

They had said to do our entire house, it would take about 2 to 3 weeks for the blinds to come in. Shortly after 2 weeks later, we had received the call they were installed!

We set it up immediately and here are the final results!I am extremely happy with the results and the customer service given, I would 100% recommend them for blinds.

Brittany Ann - The Beauty and Design

Patricia did a great job at my house, I am in love with the blinds and all details they did.The blinds, blackouts, electrical switches and solar panels are amazing. Patricia is very friendly, has lots of patience, and she was more than happy to show me the models and helped me to find exactly what I wanted for my house. Apart of this, what amazed me was that the products arrive onetime and the installation was so quick and right on schedule. Everything looks so beautiful, elegant and very modern, thanks to them. Price was amazing, very reasonable compering with other quotes I got. Totally recommend Chinook Blinds to anybody, they provide the best service.‚Äč

Adriana Rios

Thank you Chinook Blinds for professional service and good quality product! Will definitely recommend.

Nadine Islas

Recently replaced all our windows. So needless to say we needed new blinds.I highly recommend this Company [Chinook Blinds and Shades]. Great prices and great service.

Paul Walsh

Patricia and her husband did a great job! They came to my house and measured all the windows and showed me all the varieties of blinds. They are very professional and easy to work with. We are delighted with the results!

Lorrein Camargo-Filippin

The Chinook Blinds team was a pleasure to work with. They are very professional and ensure their customers are 100% satisfied with their work. We will definitely use this business again in the future. Thank you!!

Kimberlee Johnston

Thank you for your service. We love our blinds! Very professional and the best was the result. Our house looks amazing with the new blinds!

Juan David Estrada

The service and work was wonderful! Highly recommended. Thanks for everything! The blinds look spectacular in my house!

Brenda Liliana

Excellent Service from Patricia who helped us with her very good knowledge of the products, we are so happy with the beauty and quality of the blinds we selected, the installation was also neat, strongly recommended.

Julio Li